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Kodak is creating their own Cryptocurrency, and I can’t wonder how this will evolve. Come what may, but when a corporation,  a state, a nation, or an organization can develop it’s own “in-game” currency, we will live in the wilds of fractured economics.

They have already invaded our lives in so many uninteresting ways–Kohl’s Cash, Baltimore Bucks, The US Dollar, “Gold” in World of Tanks; for most people they have little more significance than club cards.

Yet, one instance of online currency exchange drew major attention when, back in 2014, major news outlets covered a $300,000 battle that occurred on the gaming platform Eve Online.  Two years later, Eve Online is speculated to have  a $1 million dollar battle in the works as of January 2018.  And while the:

The value of the damage is based on the game’s exchange rate, and does not necessarily mean players have lost money – as the in-game currency can be earned by carrying out tasks in game, as well as by handing over real cash.

principle of basic economics apply. Time is money.

No doubt there will be a very favorable exchange rate for the host organizations.  Moreover, the average consumer will be forced to deal with hundreds of different currencies, some more advantageous than others, some even onerous.   Baseless speculation?  Perhaps.  But this is not going away anytime soon.

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