Yesterday, a good friend of mine, filmmaker Niels Dachler, turned me on to an organization called Dragon Dreaming International.  Started by community organizers, John Croft and Vivienne Elantra, the project–or rather the process— considers methods for solving some pretty complex 21st century problems.

From their website:

There is an African proverb; “if you want to go fast you go alone.  If you want to go far you go together”.  But given the interlocking problem described above, we need to go fast and we need to go far.  How do we go alone and together at the same time.  Dragon Dreaming shows us how.

We humans collectively create our reality, both by our actions and our inaction. That is the reason why we can only find the way out of our environmental, economical and identity crises toward a better world if we go together.

The last part of their method is one of the most interesting (to me).  Having been involved in countless projects, ambitious or otherwise, I know that sometimes we forget to celebrate.  Sometimes we feel that there is only the work and nothing more. But really what use is there in doing all this work if we don’t take the time to enjoy the process and give thanks to the source of our ideas.

The fourth stage of a successful project is celebration.  This is built upon gratitude and thankfulness, acknowledgement and recognition.  It is celebration that connects the doing of a project back to the original dreaming.  We say 25% of any project needs to be celebration.  And it needs to be fully integrated throughout the process.

Check it out!

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