The Founders (2011) 44 min ( The story of how a group of passionate Baltimoreans came to together to build one of the  finest pre-professional art high schools in the nation. Narrated by Maria Broom of HBO’s The Wire, Music by Michael Gary, Co-Directed with Bea Bufrahi.


  • “The Sluice.” Baltimore Review. Winter (2009): Print.  Laura Miller is desperate to overcome her bullying brother.  How far is she willing to go?
  • “The Death of Tarzan.” Potomac Review. Winter (2009): n. page. Print. A father forces his son to keep vigil over the death of the family dog.
  • “The Synchronist. Hobo Pancakes. (Spring 2015): online An Italian voice over artist reminisces his most treasured role. 
  • About My Father.” 2012  A man recalls the terrible events that shaped his father. 


  • “The Gift: A Prologue to Appalachian Spring” performed at the Baltimore School for the Arts: May 2013” The story of three great collaborators: Martha Graham, Aaron Copeland, and Isamu Noguchi.
  • When We Fall, 107 pp. 2018, selected for the Saul Zaentz Incubator at Johns Hopkins University The police shooting of a boy in Baltimore ignites a riot and love affair between a Black Mormon woman and the white political aide in charge of containing the story.


  • “Defenders of the Faith: How Community Reading Programs are Changing the Way We Read.” Baltimore Review. Summer (2009): Print.
  • “The Artist as Narrative in Secondary Education.” 34th Annual Conference on Social Theory, Politics, and the Arts. University of Baltimore. Baltimore. 18 Oct 2008. Address.

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