I have a rather involved obsession with The Life of Norman.  It’s a little internet gem that coasts at the speed of around 1997. No pictures. Simple text. Pure community brilliance.  This sub-reddit consists of stories that feature Norman, a decidedly mediocre antihero engaging in unimportant failures.  It’s obviously Ironic in tone, but the kind that garners sympathy, not ridicule, and it’s just trivial enough to avoid the Kafka-esque vortex. Here’s an example:

Norman was grocery shopping, where he decided to buy two cans of Coke, not diet or caffeine-free, just plain Coke. He knew the sugar was bad for him but he was feeling adventurous and wanted to treat himself. “One for Saturday night, and one for Sunday night.” he thought.

Saturday evening and Norman is eating the takeaway he has ordered from his favourite take-out. He fancies one of his Cokes, however he already drank his Saturday Coke that afternoon whilst sitting out on his patio. He is thirsty and really fancies a Coke. “Better not,” thought Norman, “this Coke is for Sunday.”

That night, Norman is asleep by 10pm. Not having that second Coke was a good idea.

There are thousands of stories like these.  But what makes the stories better is the comments form the subscribers, like:

Why the fuck do I keep reading these? It’s like I crave the monotony.


That was a rollercoaster. The title made made my heart race.

There have been a few poor adaptations into other mediums, but these are all significant shifts from the purity of the original.

Check it out.

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