Hello Everyone,

Here is my new piece of web real estate, a postage stamp as they say, but with a great deal of vertical possibilities!  Those of you who remember L0calGh0st (and bless your heart if you do.  You are not only good friends, you are old friends.) will recall that the focus was on Education. Not so with this site. In my life reading, writing and education are the most dominant preoccupations.  But as I grow older, I am feeling a bit more flexible.  Paradox?

A word about my name:  Ventimiglia, as many of you will immediately recognize, is Italian.  The G is silent.  The rule is similar to the spelling of leaf, foglia, in which you may be the more accustomed to the English word folio and pronounce it as it is spelled.  I am told it means “twenty miles.”  But I do wonder in what era the mile was still a part of Italian measure.  I suppose I should be grateful that my name is not Ventikilometre.  Though it does have a ring to it.  A touch Greek, perhaps?

I’d like to believe with such a luxurious last name that I hail from Aristocratic origin descending perhaps from that wonderful coastal town a hundred or so kilometers from Genoa.  Alas, that is not likely.  More likely is that the name comes from a more southerly direction.  I’m thinking Ventimiglia di Sicilia Palermo which all in all would be a much better last name, don’t you think?

Of course, my family is now many generations in the new world.  New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland.  When my father was in the army they used to call him Alphabet because his name was unpronounceable to Texas Drill Sargents.

You may not call me Alphabet.

There! A bit of education, intermixed with the rhetorical and the personal.  That’s what I wanted this site to be.


I hope you enjoy it as much as I hope to enjoy it.


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